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Residential Landscape Services

At the center of Habersham Garden’s Landscape Services Company is a team of talented design and installation professionals who listen (and hear you) and truly understand the relationship of earth to sun and soil to shade. We address challenges head on, make strengths shine and weaknesses disappear.Whether an intimate parterre garden for your new home or an image-conscious design for your commercial or retail business, our talented staff has the knowledge, experience and willingness to create a landscape that works for you. Because if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.

Services we provide:

  • Design & Installation
    From concept to completion – fresh ideas for your garden, landscape  and containers
  •  Softscape
    Trees, shrubs, sod, ground cover, perennials, annuals and bulbs
  •  Large Tree & Shrub Installation Specialists
    Our ability to source large-scale plant material spans the nation and sets us apart from the competitors
  • Hardscape
    Retaining walls, driveways, patios, terraces,  walkways, water features
  • Drainage Solutions
    French drains, surface drains, channel drains, burying downspouts and more
  • Irrigation
    Installation, repair and maintenance of new or existing system
  • Grounds Management
    Mowing, pruning and clean-up on a regular or occasional basis
  • Landscape Renovation
    Bring a neglected garden back to its original splendor while maintaining its architectural integrity
  • Specialized Horticultural Service
    For the particular garden needing more attention such as hand-pruning of specimen plants
  • Seasonal Services
    Annual color beds and plantings for fall, winter, spring and summer
  • Mulching
    Protect your green investments and reduce watering needs
  • Aerating and Overseeding
    Give your turf a tumble to ensure a green spring and summer

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